Coffee espresso

Gino ESPRESSO coffee is produced by hand in the entire production process from the crop (only red ripe beans are harvested) to final product packing.

Already the first sip of this delicious espresso made of first-class coffee varieties surprises with its unique velvet-like consistence on the palate and by its full flavour on the tongue.

This perfect combination is achieved by using 100% "Arabica" coffee in the blend selected from highland varieties from Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala. Each coffee variety used is proportioned in a predetermined original quantity and gives unique properties to the end product.

The next factor with a distinct effect upon the quality of Gino ESPRESSO coffee is the typical traditional Italian manufactory roasting method.

Beans cleared of all foreign matters are slowly and gently roasted in small batches in classic drums. Roasting is permanently supervised by experienced personnel to guarantee the ideal roast temperature of the beans. The roasted beans are then cooled down with air.

Right after cooling, the coffee is blended according to the Sicilian home recipe and filled by hand in special, environmentally friendly modified atmosphere packagings.

Hot chocolate

To complete our assortment, we also offer cocoa drinks. Naturally made from top quality raw materials as well.

Hot chocolate with cinnamon

The cocoa bean varieties "Criollo" from Venezuela and "Trinitario" from Madagascar are used, both enchanting by their full flavour and strength, combined with "Forastero" from Ghana, which completes the blend with its dark colour and distinct roasted aromas. The cocoa beans are picked and peeled by hand, gently roasted in single varieties and processed to cocoa flakes in an elaborate process.
Chocolate of at least 75% cocoa, cane sugar, Bourbon vanilla, cinnamon, Fleur de Sel

Hot milk chocolate

An experience between black and white, between bitter chocolate and sweet vanilla. Produced from our basic cocoa and whole milk powder as well as cane sugar und Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.
Cocoa at least 40%, cane sugar, whole milk powder (26% fat in dry matter), Bourbon vanilla, Fleur de Sel

Accessories for the food service industry

  • Illuminated advertising panels
  • Indoor and outdoor advertising signs
  • Industry porcelain with logo
  • Drop catchers for saucers with logo
  • Espresso automatic and semiautomatic machines
  • Direct grinders